Planned Giving

As a planned giving donor, you can help ensure that Kathy’s House will continue its mission for years to come.

You're invited to name Kathy's House as a beneficiary of your estate plan. In doing so, you will become a member of Kathy's Heart of the House Society, which honors people like you who help protect and support the home away from home environment we provide to families.

As a member of Kathy's Heart of the House Society, you will be invited to an annual event featuring an update from Executive Director Patty Metropulos. It's a wonderful time for renewing friendships and forming new ones with others who care about Kathy's House.

Sometimes there is a misconception when people hear about estate gifts. You've seen headlines declaring "the biggest gift ever." However, most estate gifts are modest in size and consist of resources donors already have. While public recognition of your gift often inspires generosity in others, we also understand that anonymity may be your preference.

Bequest in Will

One of the easiest ways to make a difference in the life of someone with medical challenges is to designate Kathy's House as a beneficiary in your will of one of your assets. Three popular options are to leave us a portion of your estate after making provisions for family and friends, leave us a specified sum of money, or leave us a particular piece of property. This revocable gift allows you great flexibility to revise your wishes as your life circumstances change.

Planned or deferred gifts can provide you and your heirs with economic or tax benefits while also allowing you to direct your giving to a worthy cause.

To add a charitable gift in your will, simply share this sentence with your attorney or financial planner:

“I bequeath $_______ or _______% of my estate to Kathy’s House, 600 North 103rd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53226.”

For more information about planned giving options for Kathy’s House, please contact Patty Metropulos, Executive Director of Kathy’s House, at 414-453-8290.

Gift of Retirement Assets

Naming Kathy's House as a beneficiary of retirement assets is an easy, tax-wise way to make a gift. When you want to benefit both your family and charity, it's best to leave retirement plan assets to charity and other assets to loved ones. Recent IRS tax code changes allow gifts from an IRA with no tax consequences.

Gift of Life Insurance

Life insurance is a low-cost way to provide a larger gift than you thought possible. All you need to do is name Kathy's House as a beneficiary or owner of the policy. Maybe you purchased policies for your young children who are now grown. To put them to use, consider donating the policies to us or simply naming us as a beneficiary.

Gift of Real Estate

A gift of real estate offers you the opportunity to make a significant gift with a tax-friendly outcome. You can give real estate you acquired but no longer need or want during your lifetime.

Meet Mike and Ginny McBride

"The best use of one's life is to invest in something that will outlast life" - Mike McBride

Ginny and Mike McBride have included Kathy's House in their estate plan with a planned gift and they strongly encourage others to make the same commitment. Mike has been a volunteer at Kathy's House for many years and feels Kathy's House truly makes a difference in someone's life by providing lodging, a supportive environment and many other amenities. They feel happy to be able to lighten someone's financial burden during a difficult time.

Meet Glen Van Fossen

"I was privileged to know Kathy Vogel Kuettner and the Vogel family. I know that Kathy would be very proud of the great effort by her family and friends to make her dream of a Milwaukee hospital guest house for patients and caregivers of all ages a reality. I've been honored to be a apart of her legacy and have included Kathy's House in my will. I promised Founder Dick Vogel that not only will Kathy's House continue, but it will be bigger and better."

- Glen Van Fossen

Since the founding of Kathy's House in 2001, we have depended on the generosity of others to help us provide affordable lodging and caring support for out-of-town families facing a medical crisis that brings them to the Milwaukee area for care.

Many of Kathy's House generous donors have experienced a serious illness themselves or supported a family member facing a medical crisis. They donate to help families through a difficult journey made more difficult because they are not near home.

Many other donors have been guests at Kathy's House and pay it forward by continuing to provide financial support many years after they stayed at the House.

By including Kathy's House in your estate or financial plans, you engage in deeply impactful philanthropy. Your gift can ensure that future generations of families in crisis will continue to have access to a "home away from home" environment when receiving care for a complex or serious illness in the Milwaukee area.

We call donors who have made a planned gift Kathy's Heart of the House Society as they help to guarantee Kathy's House will have the resources needed to continue Kathy Vogel Kuettner's vision. She saw firsthand, during her treatment for cancer at Froedtert Hospital, many inpatients without family or friends nearby, while her room was always filled with visitors. Before passing away, she asked her family to help develop an affordable option so that patients of any age can have support when cancer and other complex illnesses brings them to Milwaukee for care. One year later, in 2001, Kathy's House opened.

Want More Information About Kathy’s House?

If you are not finding what you're looking for or if you are just interested in learning more about Kathy's House, we encourage you to contact us.