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In January 0f 2017, Froedtert Hospital announced they will be the lead investor in a new larger facility, providing $6 million towards a new Kathy's House.

The Kathy's House Board of Directors recently adopted a goal of raising at least an additional $3 million to cover additional guest amenities and increased operating costs.

Baseline construction costs were originally estimated at $9 million. As we now engaged an architect and builder, today we have a more cost estimated of what it will take to build a new house. This includes adding certain features which will make the new Kathy's House feel like "a home away from home" for our guests such as a skylight, large fireplace, outdoor covered patio, walking path and gazebo. We will also face additional operational costs as a result of increasing guest rooms from 18 to 24. These costs include, but certainly are not limited to, utilities, laundry services, insurance and staffing.

As a close friend, we ask your assistance in taking the first steps to a new Kathy's House, raising $3 million

In addition, we will include your contribution on the Naming Wall we are planning inside the new House.

Please feel free to contact Patty Metropulos with any questions at 414-453-8290.

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